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Monday 26th July.  Alex has finally made it home after 3 weeks, 15 countries and 6060 miles. See the Diary page for full details.
Ironically it is exactly a year since John and Gerry returned from their trip.


The route I have planned will take me through fifteen countries, subject to progress, as I have only got four weeks allowed for the trip, although it may be possible to extend that by another week.

The list of countries I intend to visit are as follows; Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg and Belgium.

I intend along the way to spend some time in major cities to do the 'tourist thing'.  Already booked are days in Helsinki, St Petersburg, Minsk and Prague.  Hopefully I will get the opportunity whilst in Tallinn to visit the memorial to Joey Dunlop.

Alex has indeed changed his plans regarding Russia.  After serious consideration, he did not ride into St Petersburg as planned, but went by bus from Tallinn.  It also looks increasingly unlikely that he will visit Belarus, but that decision is not final yet.


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