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Monday 26th July.  Alex has finally made it home after 3 weeks, 15 countries and 6060 miles.  He will be home tonight.  See the Diary page for full details.
Ironically it is exactly a year since John and Gerry returned from their trip.


Ever since John Wilson rode into the carpark of Corrs Corner, Glengormley on his immaculate BMW R80GS I have harboured the ambition to take a long trip of my own.
When I later had a chat with John he told me of his planned trip around the world on his bike. Unfortunately I was not able (brave enough) to join him on that trip but as you may have seen on the main site 'GSRTW' I did in a way participate.
Like most of you I followed their progress, downloading John's photos and Gerry's reports. Spending hours, sometimes in the early morning, downloading up to 20Mb of photos. Editing them and the reports and uploading them almost immediately.

For the last six months I have been making plans. First a mate and myself were planning to go to Nord Cap in Norway and return home the same way via Bergen. Then I came up with the mad idea of travelling down through Finland and onto Russia and home. Because of family commitments and holiday restrictions my friend Jeff had to pull out so it will be a solo run.

For daily updates on, and pictures of my journey, please visit the Diary page.  For easy navigation it is broken down into weekly sections, with the daily reports within.

Whilst I am away on my trip this site will be kept up to date by , so that you may be able to follow me on my journey. 


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