John and Gerry arrive in Kenya


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Rhinos in Kenya

b m w centre were we had our bikes serviced Nairobi 4-10-02

BMW centre were we had our bikes serviced, Nairobi
robbs magic tyre centre in nairobi 4-10-02they change the tyres for free

Robb's magic tyre centre in Nairobi where they change the tyres for free

Arriving in Nairobi we were somewhat apprehensive due to it's reputation as Nairobbery but were pleasantly surprised on many counts. Firstly the weather is beautiful here. After the scorching heat of North Africa and despite being effectively on the equator due to its height above sea level it has a beautiful climate in the high 20's maybe 30c at the most. Secondly after the noise and pollution of Cairo there is a noticeable less frenetic pace here. Obviously it has not got its reputation for nothing and while you do feel it can be dangerous at night here it has prove o.k. to date.

5-10-02 cheetah kills small topi

Cheetah kills small topi
6-10-02 lion and mate

Lion and mate

8-10-02 cheetah and cubs hidden

Cheetah and cubs hidden
8-10-02 cheetah and cubs

Cheetah and cubs

10-10-02 white rino on nakuru game park

White rino on Nakuru game park
10-10-02 zebras in Masai Mari

Zebras in Masai Mari

13_101002 hippos in mari river

Hippos in Mari river
14_101002 more hippos in mari river

More Hippos in Mari river

We have just spent our last week on safari in the Masai Mara and although it is nature as undiluted as it can be somehow for me all those vehicles that criss-cross it packed with our cameras and us somehow takes from it. We also visited Lake Nakuru with its countless flamingos and you could just stand by its shore for hours listening to this sea of pink making sounds as though you were by an ocean. For me what I liked most about the safaris was sitting on the terraces of our hotel lodge in the evening just relaxing in such beautiful country thinking I had seen these self same lodges on "Wish you were Here" and they really are peaceful places. On returning from safari we went out yesterday to the Airport to get our bikes. It didn't surprise me to see my crate had been completely wrecked in transit though thankfully there was no damage other than a cracked mirror. John however had a CD player stolen from his bike. We have now left our bikes in for service at the B.M.W dealers here in Nairobi and hopefully will be on the road to Mombasa in 2 days time.

10-10 -02 masai teacher

Masai teacher
10-10-02 armed game wardens at mari river

Armed game wardens at Mari river

10-10-02 elephants in masai mari

Elephants in Masai mari
10-10-02 game warden shows us around this famous crossing

Game warden shows us around this famous crossing

10-10-02 lion out for the count

Lion out for the count
10-10-02 masai elder

Masai elder

10-10-02 masai tribe

masai tribesmen
10-10-02 umbrella tree

Umbrella tree

12-10-02 Gerry's damaged crate at airport

Gerry's damaged crate at airport
12-10-02 This is were someone broke into my crate and stole my radio and disc player

This is were someone broke into my crate and stole my radio and disc player

October 13th: To date we have gone way over budget in our lifestyle allied to the cost of flying the bikes in Kenya with the result that we are going to have to re-access how we are spending as otherwise we will have used up our budget before we even get out of Africa. The computer has been our other woe. The laptop John brought with him caused endless difficulties in using due to complications with telephone systems used off mobiles. We are consequently now resorting to the obvious method of using internet cafes though to date I have yet to check my email due both to an aversion for computers and inability to use them. No doubt at some stage I will get around to both it and writing something of our thoughts on passing through all of this as opposed to this sort of chronological factual narrative of our progress. We hope all out friends back home are well and in God's safe keeping.


9-10-02 pelicans on lake nakuru

Pelicans on Lake Nakuru

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