John and Gerry reach Botswana - Southern Africa


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Map of Botswana

After leaving Bulawayo, we headed west towards Botswana and stopped for the night in Francistown. Of all the African countries we had been in till then, this was the most progressive, which means water, is the strongest in all Africa. The roads here are excellent as in truth they have been since Dar -Es- Salaam and Francistown was a virtual Mecca of shopping malls and consumerism. Heading down the eastern side of the country towards Gaberone, its capital, the landscape was mostly flat and bush country with temperature nudging 40 degrees C. Our accommodation in Gaberone called the Mogo Hotel, should I suggest be called the Nogo and is a place to be avoided. Botswana in many ways was a gentle preparation for a culture shock in South Africa. Were one to come into South Africa directly from some of its other neighbouring countries, the contrast would be far greater, but because of Botswana's wealth due to its diamond resources, the contrast is slightly more gradual; though nevertheless still dramatic.


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